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Bonnell Industries

Bonnell Industries, Inc. is a Midwest manufacturer of truck equipment located in Dixon, Illinois. Through a nationwide distributor network, Bonnell is also a major supplier of snowplows and spreaders for municipalities throughout the country.

The current operation includes 46,000-sq. ft. of floor space and is one of the most modern facilities in the industry.

SPN Interview of Joe Bonnell, President of Bonnell Manufacturing:

Something Unique - Used Inventories online:

 Anyone can take a look at their used inventory that comes in off of trade at http://bonnellusedequipment.com/#.  All used products are reviewed and deemed fit for resale.  If any substantial deficiencies exist, they are repaired and ready for the road.

Something else unique - Product Configurator:

This allows a municipality to spec out a truck complete with the needed Bonnell attachments while keeping the truck within federal guidelines.  This can be found at this location: http://www.bonnellindustries.com/configure/

Bonnell Product Lines:

  • 4x4 Truck Plows
  • Box Plows
  • Debris Collection Systems
  • Municipal Plows
  • Municipal Spreaders
  • Municipal Work Supplies
  • Receiver Spreaders
  • Road Grading Machinery
  • Road Maintenance Equipment
  • Skid Steer plows and spreaders
  • Truck Equipment
  • Used Equipment
  • V-Box Spreaders
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