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About Snow Plow News

Snow Plow News celebrates over 15 years of digital strength with great advances unique to the industry.

Key Unique Content:

Video Content
Video-centric design. SPN has over 200 original videos in the library and growing every week.

Original Blog Content
SPN blogs focus on getting just the facts from manufacturers, dealers, affiliated suppliers and meteorologists

Plow Comparison – All Brands
Finally, one place to compare all plows. Plow researchers can compare features and benefits of all the major plow brands.

North American Dealer Directory
The only Multi-Brand dealer directory in the industry. The SPN Dealer Directory allows dealers form North America to be listed accurately and be found easily.

Snow & Ice Supplier Directory
SPN offers the most comprehensive listing in the industry. Suppliers include Manufacturers, Dealers and Affiliated Service Providers.

Plowers Forecast
SPN Meteorologist Rob Guardino provides timely forecasts so Plow Professionals can be prepared.

Manufacturers and Dealers need a place to sell excess inventory so SPN offers a convenient Classifieds for all to get the goods they need at a good price.

A resource base found nowhere else.
SnowPlowNews offers a robust platform managed by a team of coders, writers, videographers and industry-savvy content managers.

No B.S.
SPN only offers fact-based information that allows members and casual viewers to see what really works in the business. We do not allow open forums and do not encourage folks to blast manufacturers and hard –working dealers.

Who runs the place:
Mike Stevens is Editor-In-Chief. Mike has been in the industry for over 20 years. He pays attention to the industry on a daily basis.

Plow Comparison

Compare multiple
brands and sizes!

Snow plow manufacturers

Dealer Directory

Find a dealer near you.

Today's Featured Dealers

Supplier Directory

Locate a snow and ice equipment supplier in this directory to find contact information, company facts, videos and more.