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Ariens Equipment

655 W. Ryan Street
Brillion, WI 54110
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Company Overview

Ariens Company began in 1933, when Henry Ariens and his three sons – Steve, Leon and Francis –developed the first American-made rotary tiller at a time when other manufacturers were experimenting with imported tillers. And some 27 years later in 1960, the company introduced Sno-Thro machines. From then, it didn’t take long for Ariens to get very focused and passionate about the snow removal business industry.

How did this happen?

At the urging of an Ariens distributor in the northeast who wanted a two-stage snow thrower for home snow removal, Ariens began product design in 1959, and by spring of 1960, a prototype was completed. Test models were demonstrated to distributors in the Snow Belt and they were met with quick approval. Ariens produced over 1,800 units that first year in 1960. And by the late 1970’s, annual production was as high as 100,000 machines. By 2005, Ariens had produced 2 million Sno-Tho machines. And today, Ariens is the leading snowthrower brand worldwide with European, Canadian and US sales and distribution.

Today, the company offers a complete line of snow removal products including two-stage electric models, track models, and hydro models; as well as single-stage snow throwers and snow brushes. The products are used by both residential customers and commercial customers in the public and private sectors such as landscape contractors, facility managers, and government maintenance crews.

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  • The signature "Ariens orange" color has been used on products unchanged since the first Model A Tiller in 1933.
  • Ariens has planted more than 750 trees on its Ariens campus in Wisconsin including trees that individually recognize retired employees.
  • The company maintains 250 acres of green space on the Ariens campus in Wisconsin with public access to more than five miles of recreational trails.
  • Ariens has a dynamic tool & die department that employs more than 25 tool & die makers with nearly 600 years of cumulative experience.
  • Ben Gravely, inventor of the 1916 Gravely motor plow received 65 patents in his lifetime. Ariens acquired Gravely in 1982.