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Meyer Products

18513 Euclid Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44112
(216) 486-1313
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Company Overview

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In 1926 Meyer Products began building snowplows on a farm in Newburgh, New York. It was then and there Meyer became the innovator, pioneer and leader in manufacturing highly reliable snow and ice control equipment. Throughout our 86+ years in business Meyer has been fully committed to fulfilling our customer’s needs and expectations.

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  • When Edward Meyer “Took On” Mother Nature by attaching a snow plow to an automobile, it captured the attention of the Newburgh News. Blizzard - battered, snowbound readers clamored for information on how and where to buy Mr.Meyer’s new snow plow invention.
  • In 1965, many car/truck dealerships made sure they had a Meyer Snow plow installed and ready to sell. After all, if you were going to buy a new snow plow you will need a truck to go with it.
  • In 1969, professional snow plowers relied on Meyer to provide commercial quality snow plows to withstand around the clock snow plowing. Meyer listened to their needs and ideas, thus the Meyer “Husky” was born. Although the name has changed, the basic design of this heavy duty snow plow is still the choice of professionals.
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