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Hi-Way Equipment Co

1330 76th Ave. SW
Cedar Rapids, IA 52404-7052
(319) 363-8281
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Company Overview

Highway Equipment Company (HECO) is the leading manufacturer of Hi-Way deicing spreaders and road maintenance equipment and New Leader crop nutrient applicators, with a customer base ranging from growers to ag retailers, and from municipalities to contractors – and everything in between! Our goal is to build quality equipment, meeting the highest expectations and standards. Our quality is further ensured by using heavier gauge steel, a superior paint system and consistent manufacturing processes throughout the production of our products.

Our high standards of quality and expertise also extend to our large network of dealers. Our facilities, located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, include a large training center and every authorized dealer has been fully trained to provide a total sales & service experience.

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  • HECO utilizes the latest technologies throughout the entire production process – from the initial design to the finished piece. Our in-house engineering team uses the latest CAD systems to ensure proper fit and compatibility long before the production process begins.
  • Once the production process has started, the precise, 4000 watt CL-707 laser cutting system reduces the need for splicing sheets together, creating fewer seams and a more accurate, higher quality piece of equipment.
  • A high-powered iron phosphate wash removes scaling and dirt before the final paint process in an environmentally friendly down-draft paint booth. This type of paint booth provides a consistent finish while the bake oven cures the paint at 180 degrees, ensuring durability and long life.
  • All HECO welders have completed the American Welder’s Society (AWS) Weld Certification and Weld Quality program and the entire company regularly participates in safety training, regardless of their position.