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Pro-Tech Snow Pushers

711 West Ave.
Rochester, NY 14611
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Company Overview

For over 20 years Pro-Tech has been building the most durable containment plows in the industry. We use only the best materials and proven processes to craft a product that is second to none. Find out why thousands of companies across North America choose Pro-Tech Sno Pushers. As a snow and ice management professional you play a critical role in the safety of your community during the winter months. When a winter storm hits you need equipment that performs and doesn't break. This is why thousands of companies across North America choose Pro-Tech. The value of our products can be seen on properties across North America where many customers are still using their first Sno Pusher that they purchased, 5, 10, sometimes even 20 years ago. Extremely durable and innovative products that perform exceptionally, are priced right, and readily available.

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Pro-Tech Sno Pusher Models

Rubber Edge Sno Pusher

Rubber Edge SnoPucherSince its introduction 20 years ago, the Rubber Edge Sno Pusher by Pro-Tech has been the most popular containment plow in the industry. The rubber edge has the perfect combination of hardness, stiffness, and flexibility to clear snow on a variety of surfaces.

  • Most versatile unit, can be used on multiple surface types
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Surfaces sensitive to steel edges

Visit ProtechSnoPusher.com for more information

Steel Edge Sno Pusher

Rubber Edge SnoPucherOur Steel Edge Sno Pushers are excellent at removing hard pack snow. Parking lots that get a lot of traffic are great sites for the Steel Edge to shine. The ability to easily remove hard pack can also result in savings of both time and money by lessening the need to apply salt or chemicals.

  • Ideal for asphalt surfaces with hardpack snow and ice
  • Pivoting wear shoes allow for aggressive scraping when required
  • Unique poly hinge design offers more durability and less maintenance than some competitive containment plows.

Visit SteelSnopusher.com for more information

Specialty Sno Pushers

Pro-Tech offers customers several specialty Sno Pusher models for specific property and application types.
Pullback Sno Pusher - allows operator to pull snow away from against walls and tight spaces
Foldout Sno Pusher - fold your Sno Pusher to easily drive from site to site
Super Duty Sno Pusher - the largest Sno Pusher in the industry, perfect for airports
Low Profile Angle Sno Pusher - clear snow from underneath parked trailers
V Plow - clear long stretches of sidewalks
Turf Pusher - the first containment plow designed for clearing snow from athletic fields
Sno Blade - heavy duty skidsteer snowplow

Click here for more information on Pro-Tech's Specialty Sno Pushers.

10 Year Warranty

We talk a lot about the quality of our Sno Pushers but we also stand behind it. Every Pro-Tech Sno Pusher comes with a 10 year warranty. We take great pride in knowing that many of our customers are using their Sno Pushers 20 years after purchase!