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SnowDogg by Buyers

Mentor, OH
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Company Overview

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Over 70 years of engineering, manufacturing and assembly all in the USA. We provide our customers with great value and innovation to stay ahead of the snow plow industry. Our focus is quality and we take pride in our work. Our sense of urgency and inventory sets us apart. Through innovative ideas and engineering, we are able to stand behind our SnowDogg Snow Plows and offer a broad range of products.

You can count on us and our SnowDogg Snow Plows. Reliable and long-lasting is who we are and what we do. We assure you that the design and build of our snow plows are built by experts who only make phenomenal products.

Our processes, products and materials are top-notch. Our exceptional facilities give us the ability to house new snow plow development and prototyping which allows for unrivaled speed from start to finish.

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Floating A-Frame™
The sliding-pin connection lets the plow contour the road for a clean clear and helps avoid uneven edge wear.

QuickMount II™
The plow's integrated swing-down feet are independently actuated and height adjustable, for easy mounting and dismounting even on rugged terrain.

Signature 304 stainless steel SnowDogg moldboard with nine 1/4 in. laser-cut steel ribs. A full-length 2 in. cross tube and a heavy duty bottom channel spread ensure impact is spread across the entire plow to protect vital connection points.

Trip Action, Lift and Angling Cylinders
The new municipal style lift arm, chain, and cylinder allow for higher lift at a faster pace and easy adjustments. The plow's oversize angle cylinders produce powerful, fast, and agile angling.

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