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Storks Plows

5138 Bernville Rd
Bernville, PA 19506
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Wow its been 30 years and a lot has changed. Storks is a Christian, family-run business that was founded in 1986 by Gene and Theresa Stork. We are now a full time year round strictly snow business, but the business started as a small automotive repair shop that specialized in Jeeps. Prior to owning the business, Gene worked at a Jeep dealership and had a plowing business, plowing 30 parking lots and driveways. The first winter of owning the shop he realized that being committed to both plowing and running the shop was not going to work, so he gave up the snow contracts. Still having our plows and dealing in Jeeps we sold a few used plows each year, but because we still loved to plow snow we kept around half a dozen jeeps with plows on. However, we noticed that we enjoyed installing and servicing snow plows and began rebuilding used snow plows because of the demand for lower-priced and used plows.

Rebuilding plows also fueled the sales of new plows. In 1996 we became a Meyer/Diamond sub dealer. After some good years of sales, Meyer let us in as a Direct dealer. And we also took on Fisher as a sub distributor. Within a few years (in 2001) we became an official distributor for Blizzard. Shortly after we also took on Sno-Way. We were given the opportunity to take on Boss, as a local distributor had closed its doors, but the day we were to sign the contract it didn’t happen. We would later find it was a blessing in disguise because we were offered the opportunity to go Direct with Western in 2006. Blizzard was re branded as SnowEx in 2015, so we also took on the SnowEx plows.

We love to offer parts that are hard to get / discontinued - we buy up old inventory and direct source anything we can. When brands go out like Blizzard, and Curtis, we stock up on their parts more than ever, and we have more Blizzard part in stock than any dealer in the country. Storks Plows has over 1000 plows in stock all year round, both new and used, and all brands to give you many to choose from. We also have a large inventory of plow pumps, mounts, blades, wiring kits and plow pump parts. We do not sell the most plows but we are believed to have the largest divers inventory in the World. We have had the privilege of having Meyer, Western, Fisher, Blizzard, and Snowex employees tour the Storks compound and see what a full stock is. Over the last 30 years we have grown to add the 3 properties around the shop to multiply our size and build a large warehouse in addition to the buildings we acquired with the property. This has allowed us to stock more and better organize what we have. We have also given up the auto repair business and run the plow business all year round.

What sets Storks apart from other plow places is that plows are what we do. Plows are it for us - we install and work on them year round - it's what we love to do. We stock everything - not just the newest thing and the fast selling parts. We are not trying to sell everyone a new plow - that is not the goal. If you have an old plow and want to transfer it to a newer truck, if it can be done we will help you make that happen. You only have a budget for a used plow? We will help you with that too. We get calls daily from all over, and they tell us their plow needs a part, and the local dealer told them they cant get it, and they need to buy a new plow. Then they found the part on our site www.storksplows.com. This is what we love to do help people with what they need. Selling a new plow is great, but our focus is helping the customer with what they need, and a new plow is often not the answer.